Who are we?

HIYA is a media of urban cultures which wants to highlight the essential place of artists in our society.
At HIYA, Abdallah, Domenico, Eloïse, Souade and Alaric work at the service of artists in order to make graffiti and street art shine.
HIYA! intends to provide artists with all the tools necessary to increase their visibility.

HIYA Gallery

Our online gallery has many artists from graffiti or street art whose works are for sale on our site. Our objective is to enlarge this community and for the artists with whom we are already partners, to increase the offer by proposing more creations on the site.

Artists are free to choose what they sell and determine the price of each creation via the platform
dedicated to this purpose.

Our partner delivery service takes care of collecting the work and dropping it off at the customer's expense. Everything is in place so that the artists have control while being supported.


Trust us

HIYA is a platform that wants to give greater visibility to urban artists. Because their freedom is essential to them, HIYA allows them to manage their sales independently, to choose what they put on display, to live from their passion and to inspire as many people as possible.

We put all our energy into promoting these artists whose philosophy is close to our hearts, by offering affordable creations in order to introduce new talents to the whole world.

Artists Relations:

Abdallah Slaiman yellow@hiya.fr
Belghiti salad souade@hiya.fr