Why choose HIYA Gallery?

Trust us ...

The richness of our collections

We offer all types of artworks, on all types of media and at all prices. We attach great importance to diversity. Creativity is limitless and art has no borders: you will find artists from all over the world at HIYA Gallery! We are constantly seeking to enrich our selection of emerging or established artists, national or international.

The transparency of our sales

HIYA Gallery has made it its mission to make art accessible to all. The prices are indicated and we strive to make them as affordable as possible so that everyone can have the opportunity to one day build a collection. Do not hesitate to propose your price!

Closeness to artists

We maintain a privileged relationship with all of the artists we exhibit. We know their backgrounds and chat regularly with them. Our goal is to make HIYA Gallery a meeting place for street enthusiasts while leaving their independence to the artists.

The importance given to engagement

Street is an engaged art that gives voice to the claims of minorities. His artworks have an aesthetic but also a political objective: to denounce injustices and to fight for a better world. We ensure the reach of the messages of each work that we exhibit, so that they are in line with our values.