HIYA! Founding Team

Abdullah Slaiman

Co-Founder & CEO of HIYA!
AD of HIYA Gallery

Entrepreneur of Syrian origin.

Abdallah grew up on horseback between Corsica, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, before settling in France to study law at La Sorbonne.

Resolutely cosmopolitan, with a great sensitivity to the cultural and social challenges of our time, Abdallah seeks to propagate an alternative vision of the world to the acceleration and dispersion that technologies print in our daily lives.

Founder of HIYA !, new cultural media, producer of cultural events and contemporary art gallery.

Domenico Surace

Co-Founder & COO of HIYA!
GM of HIYA Gallery

Internet entrepreneur.
Ex-Member: OMA, ICANN

Founder of Hadoro, leader in luxury tech (mobile phones, accessories, watches, etc.).
Creation of a craft workshop with 70 employees in Besançon.

Founder and CEO of MobileTAG (80 million users), 100 employees including 80 developers in Minsk and 15 in Atlanta.

Founder of Internet-FR (sold to CapGEMINI in 2002) composed of 3 Data Centers (Paris, Milan, London) and 10 000 m2 clean room.