Acquiring art for free is possible: take advantage of the tax advantages to build up a collection. 

When you think art, you think money ...

... with our advice and our specialized support for you art will become that:

AAcquiring artworks on the premises of his business is an excellent way to promote rewarding communication with customers but also to reduce the amount of his taxable income. Art is considered a safe haven that escapes financial crises: decorate your premises with graffiti while diversifying your heritage! Street art is also the new trend in contemporary art, with HIYA Gallery, acquire original artworks for modern and pleasant premises. 

Find our solutions to acquire works of contemporary art for your premises and benefit from a very advantageous tax deduction. Our curators advise you in order to maximize the pleasure of your eyes, the motivation of your employees, the reputation of your company and your taxation by deducting 100% of the price of the work from the taxable income of your company. The working atmosphere felt by your employees and the image perceived by your customers represent two essential efficiency levers. Dull offices cause sadness while red is the color of efficiency So go ahead and transform your work environment with street art and graffiti.  

Liberal professions? Self-employed? Partners of a firm? You all have the opportunity to inspire your employees and impress your customers almost for free! We present here 3 types of tax-advantaged financing to acquire art at a low price and maximize your capital gain on resale. Only one condition to fulfill: exhibit the work of art of a living artist to the public or to employees for 5 years. 

This form of patronage helps support creativity within street art by providing material support to a living artist. It is also an effective way to improve the image and reputation of your company while conveying certain values. This form of solidarity will allow you to stand out from your competitors by conveying a strong commitment to your target and your employees. Support for the artistic cause will also allow you to increase the motivation and sense of belonging of your employees, thereby boosting their efficiency on a daily basis. 

2 very simple principles govern the taxation of possession of artworks:

Direct purchase:

If you have enough cash and want to invest now, don't hesitate! Our curators will advise you on the choice of liquid works in order to maximize the added value in the event of sale after 5 years of exposure.

Invest in art with the money you would have paid in taxes !

Example for a company with a turnover of € 300:
- purchase of a work at 5 €
- 5x000% = € 20 / year (capped at € 1 per year)

- tax deduction of € 1 per year

Example for a company with a turnover of € 12
- purchase of a work at 5 €
- 5x000% = € 20 / year (capped at € 1 * 000 ‰ = € 12 / year)
- tax deduction of € 1 per year

Purchase by credit:

If you want to keep all of your cash while acquiring a collection or part of a collection. The HIYA team takes care of putting you in touch with our partner banking establishments: acquire art and repay your credit with the money from the tax deduction. 

The work will have cost you 5% of its price because it will have been financed at 95% by the money you would have paid in taxes!

Example of the financing of a collection at 40 € by credit over 000 years at a rate of 5% for a company with a turnover of 5,1 €
- monthly payments over 1 year: 700x12 = € 8
- 40x000% = € 20 / year (capped at € 8 * 000 ‰ = € 20 / year)
- tax deduction of € 8 per year
- purchase price of the work: (8 - 400) x8 = € 000

Purchase by leasing:

If you want to preserve your cash by immediately benefiting from the work of art: the rental charges are deductible from the net result with the possibility of renting several works at the same time. The HIYA team takes care of putting you in touch with our partner financing organization: purchase of the work at the end of the contract at a symbolic price. 
Acquiring a work does not affect your borrowing capacity!

Example of the financing of a work at 5 €
- rent over 60 months 100 € HT
- cumulative rents: € 6
- tax deduction (base 33%): € 1
- purchase option (free) 5%: € 50
- purchase price of the work: € 4

If you wish to obtain more information on the tax exemption of art or make an appointment with one of our curators: