ZN, real name Vladimir Zhirnov (1989) has graduated from Kuban State University, Faculty of Art and Graphics (Krasnodar, Russia). During his studies, he was fond of realistic landscape and portrait, oil painting.

Since 2008, he has been fond of graffiti and street art.  

Since 2014, he has been interested in abstraction. At various times, he worked as a muralist, graphic designer, sculptor. Currently, he works as a designer in the largest decor studio in Russia. ZN was always fond of contemporary art, in particular, abstraction.

At the moment, his immediate plans are : organise a solo exhibition, work with abstraction in space, develop ideas for sculptures and installations.

He inspired by modern shapes and colours. The colour scheme of the world around us and the dynamically changing digital space. He is also inspired by fashion and contemporary design. ZN's style was greatly influenced by his passion for landscape painting and abstract works by Frantisek Kupka.


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