Konstantin Danilov, aka Zmogk, is a respected graffiti artist from Moscow. Born in 1979, he is one of the few Russian writers who started doing graffiti in the late 1990s and is still in the game. Today, Zmogk is one of the best Russian artists who started their career with graffiti.

Konstantin keeps working on his unique style which he developed around 1997. During his artistic career, Zmogk has created a lot of personal works, collaborated with many different brands, and took active part in graffiti and street art festivals and shows both in Russia and abroad. Zmogk’s perseverance and style have gained him undeniable respect among both his fellow artists, as well as graffiti and street art lovers.

Konstantin’s art has gone through several stages: first, he mainly worked with letters, then with robot-like characters, and recently he has moved to abstraction. Each stage is not strictly determined by a certain time period because the artist’s style and the forms he uses keep evolving very smoothly. 'is not strictly determined by a certain period of time because the style of the'artist and the forms that'it uses keep evolving.

L'Zmogk’s art is defined by bright, vibrant colours, dynamic and rather chaotic compositions. The artist’s style is quite universal and can be successfully applied for large-scale murals, canvases, and commercial projects.

“Spring 2020”, solo exhibition, FineArt Gallery, Moscow, Russia
"10 years", collective exhibition, Mathgoth gallery, Paris, France
"NewTon", street art festival, Kursk, Russia
"Plesk", street art and graffiti festival, Pskov, Russia
"Iskra", street art festival, Neftekamsk, Bashkortostan, Russia
"Nothing box", collective exhibition, Moscow, Russia

“Mural Oasis”, Primm, Nevada, USA
“Urbanmorphogenesis”, street art festival, Odintsovo, Russia
“Wall street art Grand Paris Sud”, organized by the Mathgoth gallery, Paris, France
"Mesto project", MNijniy Novgorod, Russia
“DA! Moscow art fair”, Triumph and FineArt Galleries, Moscow, Russia
Artwork for Streetart. Today museum of street art, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Step in the Arena X”, graffiti festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
"RA & AF Russian Art and Antiques Fair"
“HKWalls 2019”, street art festival, Hong Kong
ArtFair 14C, Verityfair, New Jersey City, USA
"Flashbacks", solo exhibition, Triumph gallery,  Moscow, Russia
"Territory of stars", collective exhibition, FineArt gallery,  Moscow, Russia

“Apologia for delusions”, collective exhibition, MMoMA, organized by Fineart gallery “Loures Art publica”, Loures, Portugal
"Urban Art", Astana, Kazakhstan
“Stenograffia”, street art festival, Ekaterinburg, Russia
“Other Shores”, group show, Manege,  Saint Petersburg, Russia

“Enter the history”, group exhibition, Moscow Museum, Moscow, Russia
“Urban Art Show”, collective exhibition, NUNC! Gallery, Grenoble, France
“Loures Arte Publica”, urban art festival, Loures, Portugal
“Urban Art Fair Paris”, NUNC! Gallery, Paris, France 
“Kvadrart”, collective exhibition, Wallery gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

"Street Dealin X", graffiti festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
Artwork in Streetarttoday, street art museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Nature elements”, collective exhibition, organized by “Artis project”
“Enemy”, collective exhibition, Sweater gallery, Ekaterinburg, Russia

“City - territory of love”, collective exhibition, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia
“A Major minority”, group exhibition, 1amgallery, San Francisco, United States
# Project64, collective exhibition, Optics pavilion, VDNH, Moscow, Russia
“Wall elements”, collective exhibition, Neurotitan gallery, Berlin, Germany

"Rehlatna", The Guinness World Record was set by more than 100 artists. The longest parchment of graffiti. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
“Post graffiti & Abstract”, collective exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland
“Wall elements”, collective exhibition, RUARTs Gallery, Moscow, Russia
"Artmossphere", Street-art biennial, Moscow, Russia
“Urbanism: city in my head”, collective exhibition, museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
“The New wave: Uncut”, collective exhibition, MSK Gallery, Moscow, Russia

created a studio in Moscow, Russia

2013 – 1999
“Meeting of Styles”, Mainz-Kastel, Germany
"Faces & Laces", Moscow, Russia
“Baltic Sessions”, Tallinn, Estonia
“German-Russia Street Art & Graffiti Project”, Berlin, Germany
“Versus Project”, Spain
Collaboration with Rubin415 at 5 Pointz, New York City, United States
"Roskilde graffiti", Roskilde, Denmark
"Like it Art", Kazan, Russia
"Just writing my name", Kiev, Ukraine
“Graff in the city”, collective exhibition, Paris, France
“Graffcity”, collective exhibition, Opera gallery, Paris, France
“Битва двух столиц”, judge, Perm, Russia
“Schwartz auf weiss: style needs no color. Vol.II »the book, Germany
"Droplab" the book ", Italy
“Meeting of Styles”, Mainz, Germany
"Graffiti non stop", Wroclaw, Poland
"Meeting of styles", Wroclaw, Poland
“Paint Methods”, Omsk, Russia
"Urbanize", Sofia, Bulgaria
“Paint Methods”, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Russia
"Meeting of Styles",  Lyon, France
"Write 4 gold", Finals chemnitz, Germany
"Write for gold", Warsaw, Poland
"Design 2000", Moscow, Russia

Began his career in graffiti

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