Wèkup is a duo of Parisian street artists.

Childhood friends, they started graffiti in 2003 before joining forces in 2015. This project was born from a shared observation: each taken on their own in the whirlwind of everyday life, they no longer had the time to paint as they always had. They had fallen asleep. Determined to "wake up", they made the alarm clock a signature logo that they painted on the walls of twenty countries around the world.

This "change of state" is at the heart of their pictorial work. Inspired as much by urban arts as by cubism and the minimalist movement, their universe revolves around the mixture of shapes and colors. By merging, these simultaneously form words and images, thus offering the viewer several levels of reading.

Like the Orphist painters of their time, the Wèkup duo works to break free from the line by favoring form. Because if the first tends to separate men, the second allows them to be brought together.

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