Veneno is originally from Brittany but lived for many years in the city of Nantes. She started graffiti in 2006. This discipline allows her to travel around the world.
She will be invited by the association "Tchapoulines" to give graffiti workshops to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in a slum in Mexico in 2015. Then participates in various festivals in Africa: Senegal, Benin and Morocco ... 

Veneno generally paints with very few colors and very often with only gold and black. This allows him to play with the natural light brought by the sun's rays when they are reflected on his graffiti and thus give them another dimension.
Its crew: NCB, IBS (France) and CNN199 (Belgium).

Its style is easily recognizable thanks to the multitude of details represented as well as the use of the technique of "cross-hatching" recalling the art of engraving. It consists in constructing your illustration using cross-hatching in order to produce a half-tone and thus give it depth or volumes. 

This multidisciplinary artist began engraving on linoleum and on wood upon her return from Mexico in 2015. A country that inspired her enormously and with which she fell in love. His prints are inspired by Mexican culture and moments lived there. She represents in her engravings: the world of Mexican gangs, portraits of natives and emblematic festivals that she interprets in her own way. 

Today she is returning to France after having lived for 3 years in Oaxaca de Juarez in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico.
Veneno also worked for two years with the inmates of the Oaxaca prison for men and the workshop located in the heart of the Santa Maria de Ixcotel “Taller Grafica Siqueiros” prison. 

She gave engraving lessons there and developed an exhibition project.

The “Proyecto Vándalo” carried out with 17 prisoners in five months. The artist wanted to combine his passions for graffiti and engraving in one and the same project. In all, 80 pieces were exhibited. For 5 months, Veneno and the artist  Cristofer Diaz went to the prison every Thursday to work on this project with the inmates. The inauguration of the exhibition took place on June 08, 2019 within the prison itself and was subsequently exhibited in the "Espacio ZAPATA" gallery in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico.

The illustrations of Veneno very often represent wild animals or humanized animals in the world of Hip Hop.
Along with graffiti and printmaking, Veneno also uses the art of crochet to customize and create iconic objects of the Hip-hop movement that she covers entirely in wool. She thus crocheted a ghetto blaster (Radio cassette), a vinyl turntable, Sneakers shoes, mixtapes, vinyls, spray paint for graffiti etc.
She then created several series: "Sweet Vandal", "Sweet Gangsta", "Sweet Hip Hop Music".
His concept consists of diverting Hip Hop objects or sometimes from a violent universe in order to give them a less raw appearance and to create a contrast to make them more girly thanks to this grandmother's technique. It is also a way of preserving objects over time and of freezing them in wool. Veneno gives them a second life in his own way.

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