BEBAR's second Paris exhibition entitled “Fragmento” reflects the artist's dichotomy; raised in a double franco-spanish culture he will follow an academic course at the Decorative Arts of Paris by day and practice graffiti vandal at night. From this duality was born an artistic style that flirts with both figuration and abstraction. The exhibition also mixes painting and object since the artist expresses himself on two supports: canvas and handmade light fixtures.

"Fragmento" also refers to cracks; accept the fact that we are all a little "cracked" both literally and figuratively. In our western society the crack is translated as a failure, but it is our faults which make our wealth and make us human. A bit like the image of Kintsugi (ancestral Japanese technique which consists in repairing an object by underlining its fault lines, instead of trying to hide them, with gold powder) the painting by BEBAR highlights the spontaneous features, imperfect solids, a raw style but still authentic.

FRAGMENTO Collection from BEBAR :