Simplifying the practice of graffiti to the extreme, TOMAS LACQUE replaces it with three-dimensional forms at the border between minimal sculpture and Shaped Canvas (Frank Stella).

The graffiti is sublimated in a minimum gesture, an essential and referenced choreographic gesture, in discussion with the history of painting and its object, the painting.

As in an intention sketch, the line is simplified, even caricatural. An informal doodle symbolizing something specific; a place, a painting, a space ... it is therefore the materialization of a line, a color, a temporality, a physicality, each work bearing the name or the code of its color.

What is important for Tomas is the relationship that his pieces have with the space that is given to them, or that which he allows himself.

All in all he achieves the perfect hybridization of his origins linked to "urban art" and those more established of "minimal art" for a clearly postgraffiti result.

Marc-Henri Garcia

Offside Gallery (Lyon - Residence)
Wonderwall (Cognac - Residence)

Galerie Magnetic Art Lab (Bordeaux - Collective exhibition - Guest 9emeConcept)
The MUR (Bordeaux)
Colorama (Biarritz - Festival)
Magnetic Art Lab Gallery (Bordeaux - Group exhibition)
Step in the arena (Heidoven - Festival)
Meeting of style Kosovo (Pristina - Festival)

DeDalE (Vannes- Residence)

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