the Diamantaire

the Diamantaire

 Le Diamantaire was born in Caen in 1987. It was the discovery of Obey's work "André the Giant Has a Posse" in 2001 which initiated his approach to using the street as a field of expression. He then launches into graffiti and quickly saturates all the walls of his hometown with his art. These multiple representations end up being worth to him a prohibition of graffiti. Far from abandoning the idea of ​​exhibiting his creativity to as many people as possible, he began to work with stencils. This technique responds to the desire for artistic expression which is intended to be more figurative, accessible and impactful. At the same time, his studies in metalwork and then boiler making trained him in shaping and introduced him to techniques which gradually nourished his creativity and his know-how.

The year 2014 marks a turning point in the career of the Diamond Dealer. His work is sponsored by a patron, who provides him with a huge 900 m2 workshop. This workspace, mixed with the large number of machines and tools, gives it the material means to fully express its creativity. He produces large-scale pieces like his work 4000, in monumental steel which measures four meters by four. This piece, produced for a street art festival in the Paris suburbs, marks the passage of the artist's work from two to three dimensions.

The same year, the Diamantaire went to Montreal to honor the invitation of the Station 16 gallery, which invited him to participate in the MURAL festival in June. Seduced by the artist's work, the gallery subsequently offered him to organize a personal exhibition; street art from Paris. On his return to France, he produced a series of 10 pieces which will be exhibited at the Wide Painting gallery in Paris (5th) as well as at MISS KO - the last Parisian restaurant designed by Phillipe Starck. The works presented, all very different from each other but always on the theme of diamonds, illustrate the passage from the status of street artist to that of contemporary artist.

We offer you a selection of the latest works by street artist Le Diamantaire.

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