Vitaly Tsarenkov, also known by the pseudonym SY, was born in 1987 in Leningrad, USSR.

He lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In the early 2000s, the artist became interested in graffiti culture and produced his first pieces on the walls of his hometown, then focusing on studio work and organizing exhibitions.

The artist works on different media: painting, sculpture, muralism, street art. His works, balancing on the edge of digital technology and analog art practices, often create a deceptive impression of computer illustrations rather than hand-painted acrylic paintings.

The artist's visual language was influenced by the aesthetics of 8-bit console video games, the beginnings of 3D computer animation, Russian avant-garde and also an engineering background, especially geometry. descriptive and technical drawing.

Sharp straight lines, bright saturated colors, three-dimensional geometric shapes and maximally simplified images characterize the author's recognizable style. It is also worth mentioning the perfectionism and precision of his technique.

In terms of content, the artist explores the paradoxes and conflicts of human existence, considering the interrelationships between men and the world around them through mental, metaphysical and socio-political aspects.

Vitaly Tsarenkov participates in major international projects including two editions of photo-almanac on Russian street art and group exhibitions of the same name Wall Elements, the 2nd and 3rd biennial of street wave art Artmossphere, a series of collective exhibitions Collection # 1, # 2, # 3 * at the Montresso * artistic space in Marrakech.

The artist's works are kept in private collections in Russia, France, Germany and Morocco.

2020 Solo exhibition, Walk After Dark, Mojäk Galerie, Heilbronn, Germany 
2020 Kommunalka, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2018 Wall Elements 2, Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2018 III Street Wave Art Biennale Artmossphere, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
2018 Wall Elements, Manege, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2018 Collection # 3, Montresso * Art Space, Marrakech, Morocco
2017 Collection # 2, Montresso * Art Space, Marrakech, Morocco
2016 Do You Speak My Language ?, Jardin Rouge, Marrakech, Morocco
2016 Collection # 1, Montresso * Art Space, Marrakech, Morocco
2016 II Biennale Of Street Art Artmossphere, Manege, Moscow, Russia
2015 Wall Elements, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 Wall Elements, Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Behind The Red Wall, Jardin Rouge, Marrakech, Morocco
2014 Transit Zone, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia
2012 The Incurables, Hospital LAENNEC, Paris, France
2009 Street Art Week, IUM Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2020 Urban Morphogenesis, Chelyabinsk, Russia
2019 Art-Wall 9, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2019 30 Sides Of City, Zheleznogorsk, Russia 
2017 30 Sides Of You, Moscow, Russia
2016 30 Sides Of Honesty, Moscow, Russia
2013 LGZ Festival, Moscow, Russia
2013 30 Sides Of Perception, Moscow, Russia
2013 International Art-Forum Grafffest, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2013 Art-Ovrag, Vyksa, Russia
2013 Remp'Arts, Azemmour, Morocco
2011 Dostoevsky And Space, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2011 International Art-Forum Grafffest, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2007 Meeting Of Styles, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Ruarts Foundation
Montresso * Foundation

2019 Encyclopedia Of Russian Street Art, Moscow, Russia
2018 Wall Elements 2, A photo-almanac of Russian street art, Moscow, Russia
2014 Wall Elements, A photo-almanac of Russian street art, Moscow, Russia
2010 Code Red Magazine, The 6th issue of Russian graffiti magazine, Moscow, Russia
2009 Objects-3, A series of books about Russian street art, Moscow, Russia
2007 Objects-2, A series of books about Russian street art, Moscow, Russia

2010–2015 Jardin Rouge, Marrakech, Morocco

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