Inheriting a pronounced taste for the world of comics passed down from his father, Ster cut his teeth very early on by reproducing his favorite heroes on paper. It was in 2002 that he took a second slap when he met a graffiti artist from his high school in Evry (91). The playground widens, he then trades his pencils for spray cans, and for a while abandons the characters to linger on the letters. He then traveled the Essonne to multiply his second identity.

2018 marks a turning point in his life. After a first trip to Bali where he meets locals, travelers, expatriates, he decides to take back control. His search for adventure, his curiosity, his desire to live and to get out of compliance made him leave a comfortable permanent contract in Paris. He therefore leaves for well-targeted countries, with the aim of discovering other possible lives and living the present moment. Painting and surfing will be two of his driving forces throughout his trip. He will have the opportunity to travel through Bali, Australia, Costa Rica, Colombia, and finally NYC. He will experience strong moments there, such as his painting at Comuna 2, one of the favelas in Medellin, where he will have been able to share an afternoon with the young people of the neighborhood, or his meeting in Brooklyn with Staff13, one of the pioneers of New York graffiti. .

On his return to Paris, decided to continue the adventure and let himself be guided by his passion which brings him so much, he set out on his own during the summer of 2019. His projects are then varied, between organization of Graffiti festival, realization of frescoes for brands such as Westfield, Leroy Merlin, Structure… Le 1er confinement will be an opportunity for him to continue his work on other media: skates, canvases, and digital.

On this occasion, Ster also embarked on illustration and collaborated with Dior in a large-scale project. After having multiplied the supports, techniques, projects, collaborations, he is now refocusing on himself and his deep desires.

His inspiration comes first from graffiti. In his work we therefore find the energy of this movement and its spontaneity. Lover of colors, he places them at the center of his works. He seeks to bring out all their richness and depth by diversifying the associations and tones that are specific to them. He therefore seeks to create emotion through their common language. 


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