Stefano Phen

Stefano Phen

Stefano "Phen" was born in 1982 in Brindisi, in the south of Italy. At the age of 14 he enrolled at the Edgardo Simone art school in Brindisi and then at the Academy of Arts in Lecce and Rome where he started his participation in the local hip hop movement and has started his graffiti career in 1997.

Painting extensively across Europe, Phen was constantly adding new styles and techniques to his portfolio. In 2002, Stefano moved to Rome following his artistic path.

During the 4 years he spent in the Italian capital, he focused on improving his knowledge of digital tools, which ultimately led him to collaborate with two major communication agencies in the city.

In 2006, Phen moved to Barcelona, ​​Spain, where in 2011, together with his wife Chiara Semeraro, founded "Saudade Tattoo Bcn" - another way to express his art. “Saudade” is an artistic Tattoo Loft located in Poblenou, an industrial district of Barcelona often referred to as “the creative heart of the city”.

In recent years, artists from all over the world have come here in search of collaboration. Phen has also been present in different countries to participate in street art related events in Europe, Brazil and the United States.

The work of the'artist has been published in many local and international magazines. He has collaborated with famous TV channels and clothing brands such as ADIDAS and THE NORTH FACE.

Over the past 20 years of working as an artist, Stefano Phen has constantly developed and improved his own style of art which unites painting, graffiti and tattooing. His artwork, fresh and aesthetic, features many elements of hip hop and funk culture: boombox, street basketball, buildings, cars and vans intertwine with vector graphics, sketch lines, flares, dripping letters and an impressionistic brushstroke. Phen's studio is located in Poblenou, Barcelona, ​​and this allows him to have a constant source of'inspiration.

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