Artist Sodle (KIM SO HAN) was born in May 1992 in South Korea. Sodle started painting with his brother who is a draftsman. After university studies, Sodle was spotted by the British artist Mr. Doodle who pushed him to continue by teaching him his method of creation.

After this meeting, Sodle tried this and that, but it was not pleasant at all. He just didn't feel any emotion in his painting. Then he suddenly drew himself feeling that way. And he fell in love with that look called MELTING, which seems so emotionless. Sodle became more and more amused as he drew him, who was his figure. Funnily enough, the artist was able to draw out the melancholy feeling inside him by portraying his most depressed part. As the artist is telling : " I am so happy now. It's fun. But now I know. I hope you can also express your melancholy feelings and be happy while watching 'MELTING'".

Oddly enough, Sodle by bringing out his feeling of melancholy by portraying in his works his most depressed self is now happy. Sodle wants to bring out melancholy feelings and make happy people who view his works in the “Melting” style.

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