SNEK, graffiti artist and muralist, was born and still resides in the north of Sao Paulo, the first city in Brazil to be linked to graffiti.

He started painting in 2005, inspired by the urban art scene of the time.

Today, his passion for graffiti motivates him to continue painting. Dedicated and disciplined, SNEK improves his craft every day. With technique, acquired after years of experience, improvement and a lot of freedom, Snek achieves the best of his painting.

Seeing him in action is mesmerizing. The precision of the layout and the details define the work. Snek is a complete artist. Walls, frescoes, canvases… no surface can resist him when he draws and paints. Day after day his work becomes unique.

Its participation in major national events and his accomplishments in his work for important private commissions make his work a recognized art.

Cultural projects and exhibitions:

Mural for Up Art Studio in the Romero Britto Miami space
Mural for MAR / CEU Project Aricanduva, São Paulo
Expo e live paint Miami Art Basel, Florida


Production and idealization of the MAR project - Museum of Street Art


Mural Tunnel Night Illustrated, Sao Paulo
Vinyl Vandals Expo, New York
Mural Looper Fest, Milan
Wall Ceramic Stand Portinari / Expo Revestir, São Paulo
Expo e live paint Miami Art Basel, Florida

Expo Toyart Hausammann Gallery Miami, Florida
Expo KC Gallery - Connection New York
Expo and live paint Comic Con Boston, Massachusetts
Wall bracket Interativo Cerâmica Portinari / Expo Revestir, São Paulo
Expo and live paint Miami Art Basel, Florida
Projecto Mural da 23 de Maio, São Paulo

Mural Sesi Araraquara, São Paulo
Expo and live paint Miami Art Basel, Florida
Expo Toyart Miami Kief Catcher Gallery, Florida
Expo toyart Boston Kief Catcher Gallery USA, Massachusetts
Expo Toyart Gallery Exact Science LA, California

Expo and live paint Miami Art Basel, Florida
Expo and live paint Tofiq House, São Paulo
Expo Galeria do Avesso, Sao Paulo
Graffiti Fine Art Los Angeles, California
Mural Projecto Verão, Sesc Santo Amaro, São Paulo
MUBE - Segunda Bienal by Graffiti Fine Art, São Paulo
Expo Galeria Matilha Cultural, Sao Paulo

Expo Urban Arts Graffiti Ambiente, Sao Paulo
Mural Momento Itália Brasil, Espaço CPTM, São Paulo
CUBO, Camara dos vereadores
Joinville Dança Festival, Santa Catarina

MAAU - Museu Aberto de Arte Urbana
Music Festival, Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo
Vem Comigo HIP HOP Festival, São Paulo
MUBE - VIII Graffiti Fine Art, Sao Paulo

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