Shozy, whose real name is Danila Shmelev, was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1989.

From childhood, he felt an urge to draw. Upon discovering the first graffiti in Moscow, he felt a wild energy in this artistic and visual manifestation. 

In 2000, Danila produced her first work. 

For three years he studied graphic design at MHPI, Moscow, Russia, after which he spent 3 years in the fine arts studio of Ilykhin Boris.

In 2010, Shozy found his unique and hyperrealistic 3D style, always taking an interest in various aspects of graffiti culture.

In 2015, he tried his hand at street art for the first time. Since 2016, he has participated in many street art festivals in Russia.

In 2017, he participated for the first time in a street art festival abroad - in Dubai, where he received the second place among the great artists present. Since then he has participated in many graffiti festivals as a participant and judge.

Shozy works in a hyperrealistic way, using the elements of the'anamorphosis and trompe-l'oeil, by studying the possibilities of'3d art and geometry. 

Over the years, Shozy has painted murals in Russia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. He has also participated in group exhibitions of urban art in Italy and France.

In 2019, Shozy had his first solo exhibition at Street Art Place Gallery, Gaeta and Rome. In Italy.

In 2020, the artist presented his second solo exhibition at the iDroom Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland.

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