Shino is a young Franco-Chinese artist born in Paris. Self-taught creator having grown up in the multicultural bath of the City of Light, he is now actively involved in the proliferation of the Parisian artistic scene as a visual artist and performer. The interest in the artist Shino is mainly focused on his production of drawings which recreates a world that arises from his imagination. Nourished by his impressions of travel or his urban wanderings, the landscapes he offers us, crushed to the extreme, surprise by the incredible wealth of details. The dumbfounded spectator plunges into a phantasmagorical universe and follows the gaze of the entrails of his creation, sometimes architectonic, sometimes mountainous, telluric, and also animal without deciding whether it is the revelation of an extraordinary city or its engulfment, a celestial or apocalyptic landscape, a promise or vestiges. His work reflects this universal awareness of the richness of human culture, post-modern and globalized, but also of its fragility.

The works of SHINO:

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