The French SCAF is a graffiti artist, originally from Nancy. SCAF is the French specialist in trompe-l'œil graffiti.

SCAF is passionate about drawing and has been practicing graffiti since 2003. His unique style? it is the incredible realism of his works.

He keeps playing with prospects. When he finishes a work, it comes to life!

SCAF is influenced by pop culture. The characters of Gollum, Rick and Morty, Street Fighter or Back to the Future are represented in his works.

SCAF also draws gigantic hyper realistic animals like snakes, gorillas or dinosaurs for example.

The results of his works are bluffing!

Thanks to the techniques he uses, SCAF has been able to combine realism with perspective to bring his works to life.

We offer you a selection of the latest works by graffiti artist SCAF.

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