Sasha tomar

Sasha tomar

Sasha Tomar is an artist and a graphic designer.  

He grew up in Moscow. In the early 2000s, Sasha started painting, drawing inspiration from his neighbourhood's street art pieces. It was testing the boundaries of what is socially acceptable, and it pumped his creativity up.

After getting his degree, he moved to Saint Petersburg. The hustles life pace of the northern capital gave Sasha the time he needed to realise his creative potential and get along with fellow artists. Now, he’s back in his home city of Moscow, where is his atelier.

Sasha has been greatly moved by the Russian suprematists and graphic design.

For Sasha, art is a way to distract from reality by sinking in the depth of form and shape, and expressing his feelings through them. His art can be divided into two categories: the abstract geometry that he paints on canvases and in the street; and font compositions that he makes under his nickname. He uses a lot of black in his works to break simple and common forms, trying to create something complex and unique.

Sasha doesn’t have an art education, but a technical one. And recently he has realised that it is the very thing that erases the boundaries which sometimes limit academical artists.

He usually works in his home studio. Every new project starts from scratch, from an idea that carries itself into a vector sketch. Some of those sketches become canvases or street art thereafter. 

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