Nicolas Joly (1987) aka Sank grew up in a small Briard village, 50 kilometers from Paris. 

Arrived in the Eastern Pyrenees at the age of 15, he discovered the village of Céret with its museum of modern art and its historical importance in the Cubism movement. 

Sank was born. 

Cradled, thanks to his father, in the world of pop culture, Sank quickly became interested in the many cult characters like Mario Bross, Donkey Kong and Dragon Ball to name only the most famous. 

Sank will also draw his inspiration from Hip-Hop culture but Cubism is the most present in his creations. His series of Walkers, a universal and united message to immigrant peoples, is an important part of his work. 

But the most common references are the icons of pop culture represented in the form of pixels. Mixing arcade and cubism, he produces series on Mario characters: Mario, Peach, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi. Recently, Sank created a series that brings Mario and Mondrian together.

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