Born in Courcouronnes in 1996, Sancho began to spray paint and learn to draw in 2013.

Thereafter, Sancho will become really active on the street from 2015, representing the abstract world, colors and painting, mixed with the spirit of existing cultures over time.

At 18, the artist Sancho became a plastic art teacher in an MJC at 91 and taught his students drawing, painting, sculpture and spray paint.

He continued his journey by making frescoes during his travels around France, in the Catalan region, in Martinique and in Colombia.

Sancho creates characters he calls guardians or totems. Guardians because they represent the protectors of the links that humans have had over time, but also of nature that has allowed us and allows us to live.

Through his paintings and frescoes, these links are illustrated by different cultures and civilizations.

Sancho's creations are inspired by the Mayans, Incas, Olmecs, Greeks but also from Africa and Asia.

Its purpose is to spread its guards through frescoes around the world in order to deliver a message of peace, to share values ​​of mutual respect between all peoples and to show everyone that we are one and the same family.

We regularly present new artworks by urban artist Sancho.

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