Russ rubin

Russ rubin

Russ Rubin is an artist from the exotic woods of New Jersey. Weekend bus trips to Soho and the Lower East Side fuelled an early love of idiosyncratic art and his journey toward a visual style all his own. Talked out of art school, Russ ditched the family factory and fell headlong into a ten year adventure down the rabbit hole of the music world, creating logos, album covers and countless posters for endless bands, leading him to his current life as an emerging artist.

Long bottled, his need for visual release without bounds has come gushing out in explosions of colour, shape and dimension. His escapist colour-block worlds speak to the collisions between nature and civilisation, between the world outside and the infinite worlds within.

Inspired as much by whacked-out old cartoon backdrops as Nike ACG and artists from Stuart Davis to Nina Chanel Abney, Russ’s ‘Dream Lands’ seem to dare us to hurl ourselves inside them, into the possibilities of a beauty beyond rationale.

From doodles in little notebooks and on spare bill envelopes to finger-drawn digital mockups, the images finally creep onto the canvas, ever evolving as Russ slaps on layer after layer, tweaking curves and hues, building up dimension in the paint as he sweats and squints and rubs out his eyes in his basement lair, making and breaking the rules as he goes, hunting down that ever elusive balance around the bend.

A recent artist-in-residence at Harlem and Hackensack hospitals.

His work has been featured at Ground Floor Gallery (Brooklyn), White Space Gallery (NY) and the YouTube Studios NY.

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