Rosh :.

Rosh :.

Raúl Gandolfo, alias Rosh :. was born in 1977 in Alicante, Spain. An artist whose work was forged by performing interventions in the public space of the city of Elche.

Rosh :. is a self-taught artist and belongs to the graffiti movement, which in the late 90s gained international attention. It is thanks to his contact with this discipline that his creative impetus was awakened to make him a versatile artist. L'experimentation and research into new artistic languages ​​are part of the'DNA of his works.

Since 2010, Rosh :. lives in Madrid, Spain. Along with his independent work in public space and private commissions in the field of mural painting, he develops a studio production that feeds on his outdoor work, and vice versa.

Personal exhibitions
2011 GROWN WITH THE FLOW. Montana Gallery, Barcelona, ​​Spain
2010 AFRODITAS. L ́Escorxador Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, Elche-Spain
2010 PENSAMIENTOS Y MENTIRAS. Apetit Gallery, Bilbao-Spain

Duo projects
2019 CAIDA DE BANDERA. W / Srger. Os Blancos, Galicia-Spain
2015 BETWEEN BACK UNIVERSOS. W / Okuda San Miguel, Es-Positivo, Madrid-Spain

Collective exhibitions
2020 TIEMPOS ABSTRACTOS. Montana Gallery, Barcelona, ​​Spain
2020 ABSTRACT TIME. ADDA Gallery, Paris-France
2020 QUARANTINE. COVID 19 Gallery, Curator Xavi Cerre. Expo Online
2020 Arte Urbano ...? CEART (Centro de Arte Tomas y Valiente), Fuenlabrada-Spain 
2020 101. Adda Gallery-Montana Gallery, Paris-France / Barcelona, ​​Spain
2019 CUADRATURA. Galería Kreysler, Madrid-Spain
2019 THE TAPIA FEST. San Juan, Alicante-Spain
2018 SUNSET PROJECT. Curator Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin, Germany
2018 100 DOLLAR BILL Y'ALL. Circusnetwork, Porto-Portugal
2018 CUADRATURA. Museo Redondo, Santander-Spain
2018 RIDE TO MONGOLIA. Made H., New York-United States
2015 IAM X UP & COMING. Galería Kreisler. Madrid-Spain
2014 SPECIFIC PAGE Combustión Espontanea, Madrid-Spain
2013 AD INFINITUM. IAM Gallery, Madrid-Spain
2013 DIAGRAMA OF VENN. Mustang Art Gallery / MAG, Elche-Spain
2012 MOEBIUS. Montana Gallery, Barcelona, ​​Spain
2012 LAS 7 DIFERENCIAS. IAM Gallery, Madrid-Spain
2011 PERMUTACIONES. La Casa Encendida, Madrid-Spain
2010 LA MEMORIA EN EL LABERINTO. Centro de Congresos, Elche-Spain

2020 MURO ​​CRITICO. Extremadura-Spain
2019 URBANSKILS. Alcoy-Spain
2019 CAIXAFORUM. Seville-Spain
2018 THE TAPIA FEST. San Juan-Spain
2018 RIVAS VACIAMADRID. Madrid-Spain
2017 DOTZE SCHOOLS. Castellón-Spain
2017 POLINIZA-DOS. Valencia-Spain
2017 GAR GAR. Penelles-Spain
2016 INTRAMURS. Valencia-Spain
2016 MULAFEST. Madrid-Spain
2016 MIAU. Fanzara-Spain
2016 MUROS. Madrid-Spain
2015 EMERGENCE. Catania-Italy
2014 PROYECTO VIBORA Elche-Spain
2014 MUROS. Madrid-Spain
2013 ASALTO 8. Zaragoza-Spain
2013 VANG. Menorca-Spain
2011 ONE URBAN WORLD. Cartagena-Spain
2011 6o ASALTO. Z Zaragoza-Spain
2011 EL CRUCERO DE LEÓN. Leon-Spain
2007 FACYL. Salamanca-Spain

2020 “No tengo perro”
2019 “E + E = A” with Srger
2018 “RAN” Velvet Liga Ediciones
2012 “IN LOVE PACK” Sublimia Ediciones 



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