Raphe began to paint in high school in the vacant lots of Paris and its suburbs. Graffiti gives him a taste for graphic arts, so he decides to pursue his higher studies in this field. He then meets Esper on the benches of Atelier Hourdé; linked by their attachment to the color chart, they set up the Haut En Couleur (HEC) collective with other artists, which gradually became a visual communication agency. Over time, three-dimensional lettering takes over his mind. He draws the recurring subjects he has before his eyes and focuses on how to represent them, this curiosity describing his graphic character. He appropriates a subject according to his shortcomings which he constantly wishes to confront. He particularly likes the combination of techniques and supports, thus increasing the diversity of his creations, especially in one of his series where he mixes body painting on model and painting on canvas. He is involved in large frescoes where artists mix and share, in order to create a strong visual linked to the environment in which it is painted. Like a binder, he cultivates the art of unifying a work produced by several artists, by deploying his graphic universes made of objects, decorations and landscapes with infinite curves. Inspired by his experiences, the illustrations he leaves on the walls are colored with the paint that flows through his veins and punctuates his life.

RAPHE's works: