From his childhood, RamZ (Ramzi Saibi) felt a real fascination for the arts and very quickly oriented himself towards the form of expression that suited him best: Arabic calligraphy, “image of the word”. This Franco-Tunisian artist learns the rules of this art with recognized masters such as Abdel Hamid Djouambi or Yassin Deradra. He also meets renowned calligraphers who will mark and influence him: Amor Jomni, Abdel Ghani Alani, Salah Moussawy, Hassan Massoudy and many others ...

RamZ is the author of contemporary Arabic calligraphy in the image of his dual culture, marked by multiple influences and who skillfully draws inspiration from tradition to tend towards novelty.

With a very modern and urban touch, the artist forges and sculpts shapes and symbols that interpret words. Is it a coincidence if in Arabic, the root of the first name "Ramzi" means "symbol"?

His works testify to the fusion between Arabic calligraphy and art contemporary, of the symbiosis between two cultures, between two worlds, East and West. He insists that each of us is able to read a calligraphy, even if you don't read Arabic.

“Over time, my works have become abstract because I no longer feel the need to be read, it is the language of individual sensitivity and free interpretation that advocates. When I discovered Arabic calligraphy, I could neither read nor write in the language and yet the attraction was omnipresent ”.

Reading a calligraphy is above all a journey of looking at through lines, angles, patterns and their arrangement.


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