Psyckoze 156 All Starz

Psyckoze 156 All Starz 

Since 1984, Psyckoze Nolimit has been one of the pillars of graffiti culture in France.

His artistic approach takes place in the public space and in the studio.

His studio work finds inspiration in the urban environment. Cyclical, his works offer a sometimes abstract, sometimes narrative interpretation that stems from the codes of graffiti. Tags, drips are superimposed in his abstract works. His paintings’ narrative feature, most often in the urban environments, faceless characters, made with a loose line like a signature, with the same dynamics as a tag.

Psyckoze's works is regularly exhibited in several galleries.

Versatile, Psyckoze multiplies mediums and techniques. For more than twenty years, he has painted walls all over the world in a permanent way for institutions, or more ephemeral on his own initiative. Along with his actions in the public space,  for thirty years he has been creating artworks in the catacombs of Paris, leaving a trace of his epoch, preserved from the ravages of time.  

Sculptures, paintings, mosaics: his in situ works have been immortalized through films made by the artist. One of them, "Traces", an artistic intervention in the catacombs of Paris, was awarded at the Urban Film Festival in Paris. A book "Psyckoze, intimate wandering cataphile" published by Editions Hartpon retraces 30 years of action, works and experiences in this unique space.

On the walls of cities around the world or in the catacombs of Paris (sculptures, paintings), he has left his mark for 35 years with the same desire and an intact energy.

Solo Shows (selection) :

2019 Dirty4Handz, Espace Oppidum, Paris, France 
2018 Boyz in the wood, Bertheas gallery, Paris, France 
2017 Break the rules, Art22 gallery, Brussels, Belgium 
2017 Load-bearing walls, Line 13 gallery, Paris, France 
2016 Graffiti Stories Galerie Bertheas, Vichy, France 
2016 Highlight, exhibition with photographer Louis Adrien Leblay, Espace Oppidum, Paris, France
2013 Parcours & Parpaings Part II, Galerie Celal, Paris, France 
2013 Small Papers, Line Gallery, Paris, France 
2013 Psyckoze at La Boucherie Moderne, Brussels, Belgium 
2011 Austral Gallery: Boog'n Tag, Saint Denis de la Réunion, France 
2010 Wild Stylerz Gallery: Morning Glory, Paris, France 
2009 Galerie Pierre Cardin: Personal exhibition, Paris, France 
2009 Studio 55 - "All fire, all flame", Paris, France
2005 La Fonderie - Homemade,  Paris, France
2004 La Fonderie - Autopsy, Paris, France

Group Shows (selection) :

2019 Galerie Géraldine Zberro Children & Games, Paris, France
2019 Perahia OneMizer & Friends Gallery, Paris, France
2017 Street Generation La Condition Publique, Lille, France 
2016 Group show CAFA Museum (Central Academy of Fine Art), Beijing, China
2014 Residence Galerie Magda Danysz, Shanghai, China 
2014 Language of the wall, Pera Museum, August, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 Inventory, Galerie du Jour Agnes B, Paris, France 
2013 Graffiti Group Show, Bertheas Les Tournesols Gallery, Saint Etienne, France
2013 Residence "Les Bains" at Bains-douches with the Magda Danysz gallery, Paris, France 
2012 Celal Gallery, Paris, France 
2011 Moretti and Moretti Gallery, Paris, France 
2010 Galerie Brugier-Rigail: Love or Sex., Paris, France 
2010 No Man's Land - French Embassy, ​​Tokyo, Japan 
2009 Gallery of the day - Agnes B., Paris, France 
2007 Galerie Magda Danysz - Game Over, Paris, France 
2007 Onega Gallery - Urban show, Paris, France 
2006 Seth Carmichael Gallery - Next, Los Angeles, United States 
2001 Gallery of the day - Agnes B - Group show, Paris, France

Institutional Projects : 

2011 – 2012 Bagnolet 2011: Creation of a mural with the population, France
2010 Mural Art Program (MAP): Creation of a mural in Philadelphia, United States
2010 Tokyo: Realization of a work at the Franco-Japanese Institute in Tokyo, Japan
2010 New York - Horizon South Bronx Juvenile Detention Center: Mural with inmates, United States
2009 Bombay - India: Bonjour India Festival / Cultures France, India
2009 Mural Art Program (MAP): Bagnolet, France

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