Fabio Saturnino da Silva (1982), alias Salmos is an artist from São Paulo, Brazil. He began his artistic journey in 1997.

Salmos stands out for his works inspired by the world of graffiti and cartoon characters, always looking for that nostalgic feeling that takes us back to childhood. In most of his works, Salmos does not paint the eyes of his characters. According to him, we lose our childhood innocence when we start to see the issues around us as we grow older. The artist believes that by making his works without eyes, they thus preserve the incredible magic of our childhood.

Salmos' works are full of vibrant color and have been heavily influenced by the cartoons of our childhood. Passing through countries like the United States, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, the Philippines and Uruguay, not to mention Europe, this artist born in Brazil continues to disseminate his colorful work throughout the world.

2019 Group exhibition, Secret Fresh Gallery, Manila, Philippines
2019 Group exhibition, Colab gallery, Weil am Rhein, Germany
2018 Group exhibition, Martinez gallery, New York, USA
2016 Solo exhibition, Martinez gallery, New York, USA

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