Born in the 1990s in Paris, ORES grew up and lived between Montreal, London, Brussels, Madrid and Geneva.

It was on high school benches that he first became interested in graffiti and street art, and eventually discovered the great classics of contemporary art a little bit later.

From the FLMST crew, to the graffiti artist Nasty, to the street artist Banksy, or even André and his iconic Mr. A, and passing by such essential artists as Keith Haring or Basquiat, ORES draws its inspiration from the works of his idols: both canvas and urban facades.

Today ORES advocates for the meeting of street art and galleries: two radically opposed worlds, but ultimately so close. His mission: to slam openings and demystify graffiti.

We thus find in the style of ORES, the schizophrenic repetition of his blaze closely reminding the approach of impressionists or even pointillists. It is a mix of the two worlds: “From the street to the gallery”. His works are a tribute to the great classics and to the artistic icons that inspire him so much.

Nowadays, ORES is based between Paris and Geneva.

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