With an unorthodox but nevertheless recognizable style, Ogre is one of the French artists whose name often stands out internationally. Hungry for travel on a personal basis or for multiple festivals, he delivers uncomplicated style of the highest quality.

Activist, he organized many graffiti events such as Urban Funke in Spain, the Franco-German Festival of the Summer Session or the Potos Carrés in Saint Etienne. He also wrote for the French publications Mixgrill and Innercity, of which he carefully selected the content and communication within the international graffiti community. He is also behind the birth of Mtn-World, the blog of the aerosol manufacturer Montana Colors, which has been following it for more than a decade.

His thirst for development pushed his style to be qualified by his peers as organic, robotic, dynamic, curved, wild and spontaneous. The harmony of colors, the preponderance of full and loose work are essential in its visual identity. For him, the letter is an alibi of forms which blends with color in a logic which is specific to it.

Today Ogre emerges from the shackles of the letter, transcribing the dynamics, the strength and the sequences of these on abstract forms. He turns to the study of abstract currents from around the world while transcribing this learning to complex networks of geometry. The work of the ring is random, as subtle and light as it is overwhelming. Permanent documentation feeds his inspiration. The world around him, fashion, photography, Instagram, the metro, the torn posters therein strongly fuel his graphic gaze.

His work oscillates between his personal development on canvas and graphic services for different cultural events or big names such as Chanel, Colette, Bensimon, Jim Thompson, Philippe Starck or the European Community.

The works of OGRE: