OFFBEAT was born (1984) and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Since the end of the 1990s, he has devoted himself to graffiti. Over the past decades he has painted on all kinds of surfaces.

From 2007 to 2013, he studied architecture which he completed with a Master of Science. After his studies he worked in renowned architectural firms and is still active in this field today. His studies and professional development had a great influence on his artistic expression. Since 2013, his style has become more and more abstract, and architectural stylistic devices have gained in influence. Since 2015 he lives and works in Hamburg again.

OFFBEAT works with a wide range of representations that are developed from an abstract and recognizable geometric style. It ranges from classic canvas paintings to digital photo montages, not to mention the murals he usually does in large formats. He develops his works from the forms of the environment and current social issues.  

Solo shows:
2019 “Brutal Minimal”, Galerie Brutal, Hannover, Germany
2017 Changing exhibitions, Underpressure, Hamburg, Germany

Duo shows:
2019 “Constructed” (with „Scek“), Altes Zollamt, Hamburg, Germany

Group shows: 
2020 “Lunatic Festival”, Public space, Lüneburg, Germany
2020 “Not yet demolished”, Altes Zollamt, Hamburg, Germany
2019 “Millerntor Gallery”, Millerntor-Stadion, Hamburg, Germany
2019 “Credit Exhibit”, Thalia Theater Probebühne, Hamburg, Germany
2019 Kulturwoche Rothenburgsort”, Altes Zollamt, Hamburg, Germany
2017 “Buiti Frutti 2 - urban art exhibition Peng, Mainz, Germany

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