Kein is an Italian artist from Florence who has been active in the graffiti scene for over twenty years.

He defines himself as a writer even if his work has gradually seen the original importance of letters diminish.

More than a work of art, he considers graffiti as a performative act and has oriented over time towards an increasingly abstract genre of painting, integrating elements of graphics and programming.

His writing career began in the early 90s. At the time, he mainly painted trains, drawing inspiration from the stylistic tradition of the pioneers, which he mixed with new contemporary trends from Northern Europe.

In the 2000s, he approached the world of technology and created interactive installations on the theme of graffiti. At the same time, he did work for Volvo, Diesel, and his works appeared in magazines such as Aelle and Vogue Italia.

More recently, he has turned to direct performance, focusing on producing works that appeal to the viewer during and after creation. At the heart of his work, he places particular emphasis on the creative process, focusing on the most instinctive aspects of writing. Squeezers and markers are his privileged tools.

Currently, in addition to traditional supports such as canvas and wall, he experiments with everyday objects and has fun customizing lamps and furniture.

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