Nils Jendri

Nils Jendri

Nils Jendri was born 1980 in Freiburg im Breisgau in south Germany. After his Diploma in Visual Communication at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart (Germany) and his Master in New Media at the University of Portsmouth (Great Britain) he finnished 2016 his PHD in Philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Austria). After his living in Budapest (Hungary) and Munich (Germany) he moved back to Freiburg im Breisgau in 2019. He had several exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France and Belgium.

Jendri is a painter who puts all his energy into his paintings. He is direct and makes no compromises when it comes to the act of painting itself. When he paints he works out shapes and lines from each layer of painting, through a beautiful sense of composition and instinct for colours. Jendri takes a maximum advantage of his painting tools. In this way he shows new arrangements and ways in painting abstract patterns, blocks of colours and lines with spraycans.

„When I paint I'm highly focused. I like the traditional idea that all what surrounds an artist is concentrated and present in that special moment of painting. The spraycan is the tool I can put my inner vision of a good painting on a canvas. Cuts, drips, blurred lines and that special aesthetic only spraypaint can create, is what keeps me on fire.”


2020 Reload, Roccafè, Denzlingen, Germany (s)
2020 Way out, La Grange Gallery, Cernay Lès Reims, France (g)
2020 Artetceteraetcetera, Online exhibition, WHEN NET BECOMES FORM PART II (g)
2019 Mulhouse ART FAIR with Malagacha Gallery, Mulhouse, France (g)
2019 Winter group Show, Malagacha Gallery, Strasbourg, France (g)
2019 ST-ART, Contemporary Art Fair with Malagacha Gallery, Strasbourg, France (g)
2019 Ghent ART FAIR with Malagacha Gallery, Belgium (g)
2019 Frutti Tutti, Farbenladen, Munich, Germany (g)
2019 Summer group show, Malagacha Gallery, Strasbourg, France (g)
2019 Artist needs residence, CoMA - Container of Modern Art, Munich, Germany (s)
2018 In good company 2.0., Oxymoron Gallery, Vienna, Austria (g)
2018 Artlab Munich, Benjamin Eck Gallery, Munich, Germany (g)
2018 In good company, Lumina Gallery, Vienna, Austria (g)
2018 True love doesn't come easy, CoMA - Container of Modern Art, Munich, Germany (s)
2018 Vis-à-Vis - Malerei und Zeichnung, Licht vom See, Galerie und Möbelhaus, Friedrichshafen, Germany (s)

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