Mr. Plustik

Mr. Plustik

Michel Bernasconi, alias Mr. Plustik, was born in 1988 in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland.

At the age of 12, he began to paint his first graffiti. 

After using various blazes, Michel found his identity in 2008 with the nickname of Mr. Plustik, which he invents thanks to the development of his painting technique and a greater awareness of his own art.

He has always been fascinated by objects and their shapes, especially soft and sinuous objects. He creates letters with a physical and three-dimensional character that become objects developed in space.

Michel's style is playful, colorful… Plustik.

Works of art Mr. Plustik are visible in large cities such as Berlin, Paris, Malmö, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Milan, Turin, Zurich, New York, Casablanca and many more.

Mr. Plustik participated in various events such as: Cromatica (Mexico), Step in the arena (Netherlands), Royal Arena (Switzerland), Meeting of styles (Germany-Italy-Belgium), SbaghaBagha (Morocco).

PROJECT « Take the wall away »

The “Take the wall away” project is developed according to two themes: SHARE and TRAVEL.

“Take the wall away” presents a series of paintings produced simultaneously on recycled materials which constitute a unique graffiti and a larger one painted on a wall in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Some of the graffiti will remain in its original place, while other elements will be removed - as the project title suggests.

The SHARING theme which has become more important thanks to the constant advent of social media in recent years is interpreted by the artist in its sense of "connection". Sharing something material establishes a link, a connection. The connection in this case involves the future owners of each piece of graffiti, who will be bound by the uniqueness of such a work of art. It reminds us that each person is unique and that only by staying together can people create something bigger, something complete.

In order to better highlight this message, each part of the graffiti is completed by a postcard representing a photograph of the whole of the work and indicating its location and the numbering of each section.

The postcard recalls the theme of TRAVEL for its very nature and for the fact that although each fragment of the graffiti will travel around the world, it will keep a link with its place of birth. Each piece will still be part of the whole even after they separate.

The project consists of 11 works painted with aerosol can on various materials such as cast iron, glass, iron and an x-ray.

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