Mover was born in Benicarló, a small city in eastern Spain in 1977. He grew up near the sea and the mountains, but what he liked most was spending the day drawing with his cousins. His interest was cultivated during his adolescence, and he developed much more when in 1991 he started to paint on the streets of his small city.

With the years of experience painting on the street, Mover concentrated on the studies of Advertising Graphics, where He deepened in the development of corporate images for businesses and companies. During this time, he never stopped painting on the streets where he studied both the forms of the wild graffiti letters and the clean and correct forms that the typographies of the school and the printers gave you.

As a result of this merger of Graffiti and Graphic Design in 2004, he created together with a colleague Colors Zoo, a small publisher where he mixes his two great passions in a professional way. Thanks to the work done with this small publisher, he can travel to New York to work. in Sen Two's workshop located in the South Bronx and thus learn the trade of Screen Printing. Thanks to the work carried out with this small publisher, he can go to New York to work there in the workshop of Sen Two located in the south of the Bronx and thus learn the trade of serigraphy.

Currently the mix of Graffiti Serigraphy and Graphic design are the three columns that support the work and study of the forms that Mover performs.


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