A 24-year-old self-taught artist, Maite Sant seems to have always drawn.

At will and with ease, without any awareness, she goes on with sketches and portraits. In high school, he is criticized for being too figurative, as an indisputable argument for artistic failure ...

She then turned to a literary journey at La Sorbonne, then headed to a school of graphic design where she learned to combine modern and classic universes, to break the codes. Why not take these imaginary bridges between painting, graphics and advertising?

Is it possible to admirer the ceilings of churches, like contemporary art? Angelico like Rero? His answer is yes!

The revelation will take place when she discovers the drawings of Ernest Pignon Ernest. A reference common to many artists, certainly, but which upsets it, like no other. For her, drawing will no longer be an unconscious but voluntary act, an act of creation in full consciousness.

Young artist, his universe is however already rich and very personal. Maïté Sant paints stories, but you will have to pay attention to her paintings, to the material, to the typographies, to find the keys. And if it is necessary to find a common approach to its different universes, it would probably be the duality of things. 

Between divination, spirituality, or medieval history, these themes inspire the artist's artistic approach.

Maite Sant does not seek to create simply contemplative works. She seeks to create, through her paintings or any other format, supports that would transform into protective objects that people then have at home. The works thus become passages towards a journey, a therapy, an object of stimulation or constant reflection.

She thus invests all her know-how but above all, her emotions, her feelings, and her personality. It is a very intimate process. She hopes that people can find their way in her art, that everyone perceives something personal.

Maite Sant: “I like to refer to this passage from The Way of the Tarot, a book written by Alexandro Jodorowski. The artist wonders about the study of the Tarot. "I asked him (in tarot): 'What is the use of this study for me? What power can you give me? "I imagined that the Tarot would answer me:" You only have to acquire the power to help. An art that does not serve to heal is not an art ”. "



Works of MAITE SANT :