Mahn kloix

Mahn kloix

Mahn Kloix was born in Paris in 1980. 

He has lived and worked in Marseille for ten years. 

Mahn Kloix grew up in a committed family, carried by the great struggles of the social left. And if activism hovers above his head, the young man will choose a path without a party, but just as militant: artistic creation. Now Mahn Kloix, the man travels, draws, begins to appear in public space. Established in Marseille since 2010, he made the old historic city his starting point for exploring the “political and struggling” Mediterranean basin. 

In the belly of Istanbul, he crosses paths with hundreds of young demonstrators. He then begins to sketch these faces of Protest, to then pay homage to them by displaying their portraits in the street. The uprisings of the jasmine revolution in Tunisia or the indignant movement in Athens will also constitute the raw material for a global project, which is then slowly taking shape: Small is big. A leitmotif to express and highlight the struggles, to reclaim the struggles.

His exploration of international “Contre-feu” earned Mahn Kloix the support of portrait painter Peter Hapak - reporter for Time Magazine -, of the daily La Marseillaise and of Vice Greece. In 2016, he invited the Zadist struggle to place Jean Jaurès in Marseille. Less than six months later, he co-signs the documentary film Femen, Retour à la rue.

Heir to a new free figuration, the artist also knows how to take more lyrical and aerial sideways. As with Man vs. Wild or a capsule like Shaza & Jimena, a large format portrait of two lovers who had to flee the disapproval of a father and escape Dubai. 

But it is in Marseille that Mahn Kloix deploys all his creative palette. As with his latest project, Demain c'est pas si loin: “Marseille is plural. It is made up of a disjointed urban landscape, of an unequal distribution of wealth. At the same time, Marseille is only one ”confides the artist. Tomorrow is not so far away is my vision of an urban whole, united in its differences. ” Witness of this ideal unit? “A child in suspension, caught between two worlds, who asks the question of his future. A city in full emancipation, the Marseille city will face colossal environmental and social challenges tomorrow. I like the idea of ​​being by his side at this crucial moment. ”

Text by Théophile Pillault.

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