The Czech graffiti artist MAEZO (1997) always knew he wanted to do art, even at the elementary school. Although his family was not as excited about his passion for art and chose different activities for him, his love for art only grew.

A pivotal moment that led him to want to become a graffiti artist happened in 2007, when he saw a Czech movie “Gympl” (“The Can”), which was about young graffiti writers from Prague. Surprised by the movie, then ten-year-old MAEZO wanted to be like those youngsters making graffiti. He started to make sketches for graffiti every day and discovered a new world for himself.

Although he was pushed to go to a technical high school rather than art school,
there MAEZO met new friends with the same passion for graffiti and they started to paint and tag walls in their town. And the problems soon came as it was a small town… They were considered to be vandals.

MAEZO hates this designation, because the only thing he wanted and still wants is to make the world more colourful. But because of the problems he faced, in 2015 he decided to start writing the name MAEZO on the walls, hoping for a better future in the art world.

During this time, he managed to arrange his first “legal” wall and created new graffiti every weekend. By combining his graffiti with comics, he created what he calls “MAEZO Paradise”.

In 2017, he started his Bachelor studies at the Technical University, which was really not his preferred choice. During his first year, the studies didn’t leave any time for his art and after failing his exams, MAEZO, being very frustrated, started splashing and pouring paint on canvas. He finally felt free and happy! From this moment on, he started to paint only in “DirtStyle”.

During his second year of University, MAEZO made a decision to quit and fully focus on his art career. He rented a garage and made it his studio, where he started to develop his new style and find new techniques.

In 2019, he organised his first solo show, which got great feedback. This exhibition was really new starting point for the artist - new admirers, new sales and collectors.

MAEZO felt that he needs to find how to define and call his new artistic style, and he came up with “DirtyFunkStyle”, which he calls his paintings ever since.

In 2020, MAEZO organised his second solo show.


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