Marco Tomassini alias Lons is a street artist and multidisciplinary illustrator from Italy. He started painting around 2000 approaching graffiti culture at its purest way. 

Marco studied at the Fine Art Academy in Verona, and spent 4 years in London (2013-2017), where he was really inspired and influenced by the London street art and graffiti movement.  

Lons’s work is also strongly influenced by pop art, street art, and hip hop culture. Ever since his stay in London, Lons explores new media and techniques while keeping true to the spirit of graffiti. His artworks truly embrace fine details of hand-cut stencils, rawness of spray paints, and addictive colour scheme.

Now, Marco lives in Vincenza, his hometown in Italy, where in parallel to his art, he works as an art director.

"When I'm working on a new project I always think about what kind of reactions will generate on the other people and if I will be able to make them feel what I feel about a specific subject. It's all about emotions and it doesn't matter if it will be a smile, a tear or something that makes you think. As long as you feel something looking at it, my "job" is done!” - Lons.

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