If he hadn't crossed this box, the rest of the story could have been different. 

Only here, that day somewhere in the early 90s, it was on a box of paint cans left there by municipal employees that Lask fell…

Until then, it was mainly dance that occupied his free time. Graffiti and tag? Just a hip hop discipline that he had always rubbed shoulders with but which he had never looked into, even if he has been skilful with pencils in hand and greedy for comics for years.

The bomb case, then.

Marking bomb. A little raw to start with, but enough to make him want to go lay a few lines. Until stocks are exhausted, Lask will apply to it. Nothing compares to furious vandalism, but a passion for the spray that begins to emerge as it accompanies loved ones to stock up on precious colored liquid. Slowly, for years, in the form of tags and flops, but also and perhaps especially after the discovery of the icy pages of the mythical Subway Art, the demon of graffiti takes possession of him. But not yet enough to abandon the dance in favor of hands full of ink.

And then comes the decisive meeting of 2009.

This day when, in conditions that history prefers to forget, Lask comes up against a motivated crew like an army of a thousand men: the TWE.

Structured like a martial arts school, subject to an internal code of conduct, the TWEs consider graffiti as a grouping of graphic disciplines (lettering, characters, colors, chromes, etc.) where each of them excels in one or more categories. As a sport where intensive training and practice are the rule. Integrated into the temple, Lask, the versatile self-taught benefits from accelerated training, climbs the steps four to four and, in group emulation, accumulates as much experience as in ten years. Comfortable with the letter, it sweeps over vacant lots and brownfields, punishes overly immaculate walls, does not brake in front of any support. The style is nervous and punchy. In the graphic jungle, characters and animals embody the human being eager for conquests and battles. Personal or collective productions, these are always the same seven letters in signature: LASK TWE.

Lask has already started to touch the canvas when October 3, 2010 arrives. This day when the TWE organize a block party with music, open-mic, catering, but above all with seventy graffiti artists landed incandescent bombs to illuminate the hundreds of meters of walls that run along the Ourcq canal. 

Authorizations? Any. Incidents? No. Organization? 100% TWE.

In the middle, the detonation whistles the eardrums and Lask is responsible for amplifying the shock wave by breaking down the doors of graffiti festivals, using the ram if necessary

In parallel with his first exhibitions, he officially plays the bomb, takes on sixty pages of Graff It magazine with the TWEs and, in 2011, took charge of putting color on and in the Town Hall of Sevran. A first in France which, for six years, will await the passage of the bulldozers and the destruction of the building.

Until 2017, Lask consumes more paint and ink than an art school: organization of “Walltiékar”, “93 Block”, “Street Festival Art” festivals, invitation to the “Meeting Of Styles” (THE reference world of graffiti), his spray splashes reports and documentaries, is embedded in 35mm productions, welds the links of hip hop when French rap takes hold of his creations. In 2015 he accomplished his masterpiece by revisiting Marianne for the Town Hall of Sevran. Even today, the one he renamed “La Républicaine” measures visitors in the hall of the Town Hall, symbolizing this desired and achieved goal: to make street art flow through the veins of local communities.

In 2016, comes the question of what comes next. As we get older, avoiding unnecessary trouble becomes the number one rule. 

Together with his sidekick Itvan K, Lask first combs the land to paint the available walls. Then the two stop on these massive walls which sit enthroned in the heart of the suburban cities. The ideal support for the Darklines concept, a series of immense contrasting frescoes in which Itvan K. takes charge of the background scenographies, exposes a theme and facts when Lask illustrates the consequences. Oppression, repression, forced exile: the themes are dark and the color rare but lively, the characters disillusioned or dehumanized. Carried to Place de la République, or carried out in parallel with demonstrations, the message is political, rebellious and revolutionary. And when it disturbs, the censorship strikes in the form of immediate repainting. The documentary Fluctuat will witness it ...

In 2016, his canvas Straight Outta Nature representing the rapper Eazy-E struggling with the inexorable destruction of the environment will be awarded to Drouot, the following year, Lask will expand his paintable area by participating in the exhibition “Som'Art ”For which he produced fifteen works on… mattresses! 

Never embarrassed with insoluble questions about the nature of the medium, constantly attracted by originality and risk-taking, Lask now approaches graffiti no longer as a sport but as an art. With all that that imposes in terms of reflections on his own creations and the ideas they develop or illustrate. Always marked with the indelible ink of hip hop, his style was enriched with exterior elements. The bomb is no longer the only weapon of expression, the adventure continues today on acrylic or oil painting.

In duet with Itvan K, Lask is currently organizing the gathering of artists around the Black Lines concept. Direct emanation of their Darklines, this conglomerate of masked faces and gloved hands will create a molotov and insurrectionary fresco around the challenges that shake the world.

With Lask, ink and paint barely have time to dry ...



LASK TWE works: