Paris, somewhere in the 80s. 

A teenage boy crosses paths with a neighborhood dog. Rescued from the flames, the animal is coated with mercurochrome. The meeting will prove to be decisive…

Paris, late 80s.

It is in an art school that JUNGLE tamed his demon with a pencil, but it was on the walls of the XNUMXth district that he did the practical work. Stencils of cartoon characters and comics are his first works. Around him, hip-hop has taken over the capital and its graffiti arm is in charge of putting colors on the walls. Jungle is not in there, but the exposure is too strong for it not to be imbued with it.

Paris, 90s and more.

Design studio, scenarii, film production, site development and press coverage, Jungle is the tour operator of creation.

Paris, 2008, tired of his previous experiences, Jungle resumes the path of independence and street-art.

But back to the dog…

This pitch of scenario for crazy film became an image printed deep in the brain of Jungle. Indelible, she becomes obsessive. Sitting in the teen's mind, looking at the synapses around him, the dog taps his tail frantically, waiting for his first artistic stroll. It arrives quickly, as a stencil, of course.

A rigid dog.

Four legs, nose, eye and ear on the same plane, without perspective, in K. Haring mode. Allure? Special. Color ? Red, Name on the necklace: RaidDog.

Since then, the dog is in perpetual walk with Jungle, runs around him and pulls on his leash as soon as he sniffs the possibility of a new graphic creation. Devouring the blocks, biting the felt or coming out powdery after going to play with the chalks, the red dog is this pet on which his master does not impose any rules. So, the red dog on the run like crazy in all the universes that its truffle spots, exposes its shiny coat under the varnish of a canvas or empties of spray paint to play the hounds on the surface of a wall. The gasping breath of the animal who knows he will still have fun, he strikes a pose in colorful, dark, abstract or psychedelic universes. He cuts his ears and snout at right angles for a more cubic look or exaggerates his proportions to get closer to the cartoon. Fine bloodhound, the red dog also followed the track of the printed circuits to come out in 3D, or was exposed in volume in a construction of eight meters by twelve, becoming gigantic urban furniture open to the public

The only working base, the starting point for all of his creations, Jungle did not spend a day apart from his red dog, the chimeric canine having become his artistic barometer but also a reflection of his moods and his moods. His faithful friend. The reflection of his personality, his alter ego.

By damaging himself in his brain, it is in a jungle that the red dog found himself. Luxurious experiences, where all graphic species live in harmony. Jungle never having sought to deforest part of his creativity in order to implant a more profitable expression there, he let the downpours of spray paints fall on his pencils, encourage his markers to shelter in the graphic cards, left frescoes of several tens of meters are implanted in the middle of expanses of sketches and wall decorations. The Raid Dog is the one and only inhabitant. With a character as assertive as his master. Unless it's the other way around ...

Jungle's works: