Jibé discovered graf ti in 2001. Self-taught, it is through this discipline that he learned drawing and that he developed his sense of dynamics and color. After a break of a few years, he started painting again in 2014, trying to get out of the tradition of lettering. In May 2015, during a large street-art signage project, he diverts the small pictogram of the pedestrian crossing and, seeing that the character's simplified graphics allow him to easily convey ideas and pass messages, he will quickly make his signature. Considering this little fellow as the avatar of Monsieur Tout-le-Monde, he will begin to put him in situation, to multiply him and to give him the floor: the Jibiz are born. Over time, his character grows and evolves to become an element of graphics that he deforms and multiplies, thus situating his work straddling the abstract and the gurative. Focusing mainly on the street, his paintings, most often positive, want to bring poetry and color to the walls of our cities so that young and old can rejoice and remind them that it is always good to look the world around us rather than the screen of our phone. Now dedicating himself to his artistic practice, he nevertheless seeks to make the link with his past as a scenographer, in particular by coming out of the wall to work on volume and materials.

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