JeanJerome's universe is applied bold colors, juxtaposed with a subtle work of halftone; voluble geometry, rounded florescences in an explosion of shapes. From this mix of paintings emanates a vital radiance which spreads powerfully beyond the canvas. 

It was during his adolescence that JeanJerome tried his hand at the art of tagging, graffiti and sculpture. His references are those of urban culture and hip hop. The discovery of the book “Spraycan Art” and his meeting with professors Patricia & Philippe Legendre-Kvater who integrated him into the Etampes Art School are the triggers of his approach.

Among other things, he studies their technique of “drawing through play”. Then, he was introduced to marble work. During his artistic research, he experimented with jewelry at the Bastille silversmith's workshop, Paris. JeanJerome expresses himself through urban sport through rollerblading and Longboarding. He is notably one of the founders of the Friday rollerblading tours in Paris. 

In 2004, he resumed his initiation to jewelry with Ossip Frolov in Copenhagen while remaining connected to urban culture. But above all, he resumes his technical and artistic research.

Back in France, he participated in group exhibitions by diversifying both the media and the pictorial medium.

Its starting point? 

Street Art, of course, but also Art Nouveau. He appreciates the curves, the colorful audacity and the decorative aspect. Indeed, when we observe the artist, we perceive that the latter approaches his canvas by starting a long work of goldsmith of which he does not know the outcome. And yet, the finished canvas, the artist reveals a sense of composition, of the balance of colors and lines! It is also in this perspective that JeanJérôme likes to share his art of live performance.

This will with which he marks the urban space with his borrows joins here the concept of Art Nouveau: any medium makes sense when it introduces the possibility of art into our daily lives. Under his claw, an energy emerges, a creativity which, depending on the medium, adapts to the textures in an urban and elegant orchestral movement.

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