Javi cazenave

Javi cazenave

Javi Cazenave aka hav was born in 1988 in Cadiz, Spain. 

His works are carried out through art, architecture and design.

Strongly influenced by graffiti, fashion design, ephemeral architectural installations; and obsessed with materiality and texture, Cazenave's work explores the relationship between spatial experiences in architecture and their graphic representation.

After completing his Masters in Architecture at the University of Seville (Spain) and at Paris-La Villette School (France); Javi moved to London where he currently lives and works.

His work has been presented in several group exhibitions including: Caput Mortuum, PADA Studios, Barreiro (2020); About Us, Trampery Fish Island, London (2019); Magic Wave (online exhibition curated by YNGSPACE and Mark Joshua Epstein) (2019); Context Free, Espacio Gallery, London (2018).

“Architecture provided me with a very powerful set of tools that made me look at art from different angles.
There is this constant dilemma in my practice between organized and premeditated concepts of architectural geometry that are developed with devices that come directly from the arts. Generate this tension between the two languages.
The more I develop my practice, the more I realize that these two worlds will eventually merge into one expression, perhaps evolving into a more sculptural expression. However, at the moment I think painting is the medium where I can materialize ideas more quickly. " Javi Cazenave.

Selection of exhibitions:
2020 Pescaito frito y otras nostalgias. Santa Mª de la cabeza, 4. Cadiz - Spain (Personal exhibition)
2020   Caput Mortuum. PADA Studios. Barreiro - Portugal (Group show)
2019/2020 YNGSPACE x DROOL. (Collective exhibition) (online)
2019/2020 3:30. Nunnery Gallery, London, United Kingdom (Solo exhibition)
2019    Magic Wave. YNGSPACE. (Collective exhibition) (online)
2019    Acrylic, collage, screenprint and paper. 7 Ball Ponds Road, London, United Kingdom (Solo show)
2019    3:30. Three Series, Thirty Works. . Playground. London, United Kingdom (Personal exhibition)
2018    Negative Appropriation. Safehouse. Peckham, London, United Kingdom (Group show)
2018    Context Free. Espacio Gallery, London, United Kingdom (Group exhibition)
2017    Exhibit A. Espacio Gallery, London, United Kingdom (Group exhibition)

2020.   PADA Studios. Barreiro - Portugal 

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