Ilya Henok

Ilya Henok

Ilya Henok, whose real name is Ilya Kovalenko, was born in a small town in northern Russia. 

Currently he lives and works in Saint Petersburg.

Ilya Henok started his artistic career in 2000 by painting graffiti in the streets of his hometown. For a very long time he painted exclusively lettering compositions, developing and shaping his own artistic style. With the arrival of broader sources of information, he began to be inspired by other artists and master various drawing techniques, and began to use new materials in his work.

In 2014, Ilya almost stopped working on the streets. He began to be interested in the creation of abstract works and assemblages. However, the graffiti spirit remained in him and in his creations. He considers himself to be a “street wave” artist. Now he spends most of his time in his studio.

L'long term goal d'It is to develop a new creative phenomenon, "meta-abstractionism". He believes that this direction in the future will become a new cultural wave, a real type of visual art. The idea is to merge styles and techniques to free the spirit of the setting. In the modern world, many norms and models have to be gradually broken to see more, to understand something new. By stopping this habit of criticizing the work of artists just because it is incomprehensible, Ilya believes the answers lie within ourselves. 

The artist uses an endless number of materials in his works, ranging from collage of pieces of glass and concrete to gold leaf, polyurethane foam, oil and spray paints. 

As for styles, Ilya likes to combine spontaneous abstractions with graphic elements. Each of his paintings or projects is a particular state of immersion in a new experience. It is inspired only by the creative process.

In addition to "meta-abstraction", Ilya Henok is developing the Street Gallery project, in which he combines classic graffiti lettering and three-dimensional elements. The end result is a symbiosis between graffiti and assemblage. With this project, he wants to show how organic elements of non-street art can exist in an urban environment.

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