Internal Identity - Quentin DMR

Exhibited in New York via various wall installations, the Internal Identity exhibition is the result of a collaboration with 13 young volunteers from the boarding school of the François Combes high school in Montpellier. Between the ages of 15 and 17, most of these young people show difficulties at school within Priority Education Zones. Through the various meetings, these adolescents participated in the development of the exhibition and its artworks, thus finding a project different from the school benches in which to engage.

Faithful to his plastic universe, Quentin DMR deconstructs the photographic portraits of his models and recomposes them like a puzzle. Working only in black and white to reinforce the visual impact of his street art works, he invites the viewer of his art to question these deconstructed images and to reflect to put them back in order.

Thanks to Internal Identity, the artist tries to strengthen the link between these young people and their school career, through street art, by questioning the personality of each one to transcribe it by the image as a testimony. Each personal "Internal Identity" becomes a collective and shared social identity. 

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