In December, we invite you to discover the first online solo show of the artist ORES: THE VIRTUAL EXHIBITION ICONES. The exhibition will take place from 01/12 to 01/01.

The exhibition can be viewed by clicking here: ORES: THE ICONS VIRTUAL EXHIBITION

“ICONES aims to immerse yourself in my universe, to discover my work and share my inspirations. I tell in particular the origin of my blaze and explain my style and my technique while evoking my influences ”.

ICÔNES is a retrospective of the various portraits produced in 2020 by the artist paying homage to personalities of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth century.

“From unknown to iconic status, from the shadows to the limelight, from the underground scene to international success, they have not hesitated to break the codes and be breaking to inspire generations. These portraits are a nod to timeless artists and a parallel illustrating my credo: “From the Street to the Gallery”.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, John Lennon or even Karl Lagerfeld, so many icons that the artist reinterprets with a style imbued with a subtle blend of impressionism and graffiti.

“I have adopted an impressionist or even pointillist approach. By replacing the oil paint stains with indelible ink, and the brushstrokes with markers, I keep the same trompe l'oeil effect but with a more “Street” side. I add a graffiti dimension that breaks with the codes. ”

In total, ORES presents 16 of his works within 400 virtual square meters. Painters, fashion designer, musicians, a great selection of ICONES. The most recent are available for sale on our website.

ICONES is therefore an exhibition in an innovative format that breaks with classic openings and which wants to demystify graffiti.

“This original format is a real 3D immersion in my world. An innovative way to share my work, present my latest portraits and break established codes, in the particular context of COVID19. Hoping to be able to welcome you in 2021 within a first physical exhibition in Paris or Geneva. "

The ICONES exhibition is best viewed on a computer to enjoy an optimal experience; or on mobile. Navigation is intended to be intuitive thanks to the arrows on the keyboard, your mouse, or the touch screen of your phone. Click on each of the works to zoom in and obtain more details (technique, formats, availability, price, purchase link). Don't forget to turn on the sound and let yourself be carried away in the world of ORES.

Delivery is guaranteed before Christmas for any purchase before 15/12. The works will then be delivered in January.

ORES and the HIYA team! Gallery are happy to help if you require additional information and hope you enjoy the experience on offer.

Link to visit the exhibition: ORES: THE ICONS VIRTUAL EXHIBITION

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