Born in 1983 Damien Mauro aka Goddog, is an artist from the urban and graphic arts, originally from Châlons en Champagne. From an Italian family, Damien learned at a very young age to juggle his two cultures: that of his origins and that of his native country. He will always keep his spirit of observation and his sensitivity to others who will be engines in his creative work. Self-taught, his passions for architecture, literature and sharing will nourish his art and his approach.

His work is developed around the notion of link and fracture which are questions inherent in urban art. Indeed, urban art creates a direct link with its public: it offers itself without filter in the street, in the eyes of all. The frescoes painted by Goddog thus aim to decompartmentalize the notion of art and overcome social divides in order to reach those for whom art remains inaccessible.

The notion of exchange and dialogue appear clearly in some of his works which evoke pictograms. This plastic work on the letter is part of the heritage of artists from the graffiti scene or Brazilian pixaçaos. With Goddog the letter loses all its signifier and becomes symbolic in an attempt to approach a universal language.

The link and the fracture are just as present in his works on canvas: his continuous lines bring unity while cutting the surface. Thus, various figurative elements emerge in the abstract work: symbols, faces, landscapes. His particular constructions which play out on several levels plunge us into a poetic and dreamlike world which - fed by a palette in pastel tones - exudes a harmony imbued with softness. The intention of the artist is to bring us to calm the mind and to interact with others. His works are an invitation to escape and travel in his unique universe, nevertheless echoing in all of us.

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