Born in 1994 in France, Frygo grew up with a passion for urban art and computers.

Frygo was introduced to street art during his years of web design studies. The Arstite quickly began to invest urban space, affixing his creations as much on the ramps of skateparks as the interiors of mansions.

Frygo's style is marked by a calligraphy of his invention, which is never the same throughout his works.

He thus pushes the notion of language to its climax by perpetually changing these symbols whose meaning resonates in us, but bearers of mysteries that escape us.

Frygo works between Toulouse and Paris, with markers, brushes, and aerosols.

He was recently winner of the Issy Art 2019 competition.

He is currently during the summer of 2020 in Live painting at the Courtyard by Mariott in Issy-Les-Moulineaux

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