"For interior" by Itvan K

The artist - whose real name Itvan Kébadian - offers a series of 30 drawings for sale, all of which tackle one and the same subject: that of interiority. Under the name of "for interior", this collection is an exploration of images buried in the depths of the artist's mind, images that the artist agrees to share with viewers by putting them on paper.

Like a kaleidoscope, the paintings are traces of the images that haunt the imagination of Itvan Kébadian. Subtle traces, as we speak of a subtle vapor, reduced to a few lines. Drawings and paintings mingle to evoke without betraying, suggesting without saying, the emotions, the emotions, the pangs, the torments of a soul.

Drawing in India ink, a dry pastel treated in flat areas like a glaze of oil paint, here are the traces. The line marks the limits of objects and beings.

Limits between two spaces, the exterior and the interior. Surfaces, not volume. A drastic reduction in representation. The economy of the trace obliges the "viewer" to complete the work, to create what is not given, coherence of forms and meaning. The trace reduced to a minimum generates the activity of the "viewer" who thus becomes the co-author of the work. Appropriation is in this exchange.

Through the colors and the characters of this collection we witness the introspection work of the artist. Everything is a question of suggestion, the characters are not clearly established: forms glimpsed, without real identity, maintaining with the other characters and the objects strange, mysterious relationships, more suggested than described.